Are You Looking To Hire An Experienced Wordpress Developer?

  • Do you need someone who can design a beautiful custom Wordpress theme that will compliment your business?
  • Would you like to leave the burden of maintenance with someone else and not have to worry about things breaking?
  • Do you need someone who can ensure your site is secure from attacks?
  • Are you looking for a Wordpress developer who understands SEO and can position your website so that it reaches your audience?

Bespoke Wordpress Design and Development

I have spent 10 years working primarily with Wordpress builds across numerous design and development teams. In this time, 90% of my work has been on bespoke Wordpress builds which means that everything from design through to the code has been completely custom. It is these websites that have by far seen the most success. This is the mantra that One Mighty is looking to carry forward.

Our Process For Building Your CMS And Wordpress Theme

First off, I like to learn about your business, starting with a questionnaire, I'll follow up with an informal chat to get an idea of how you operate and get an idea of what your goals are. This will then lead me in designing your new website, where I will welcome your input along the design journey. When it comes to Wordpress, I like to start from a blank theme. This way I can make sure that there is nothing in the codebase that doesn't belong which could later impact the performance of the website. The leaner the better. From here I can begin building out your bespoke Wordpress website based on the needs you outline in our first meeting. This will include:

  • Wordpress admin functionality. For example, this may be a place for you to add client testimonials to your portfolio website. Or perhaps a carousel containing photography of your work.
  • Any Wordpress plugins your website may require. Rest assured we only use well established, trusted plugins.
  • Begin building the front-end theme. This will encompass the look and feel of the site, later adding any flair touches which may include loaders, hover effects and animations to really set your website apart from the crowd.

Bespoke Wordpress Themes For Everything From Portfolios To Ecommerce Websites

One mighty specialise in Wordpress themes for portfolios and brochure websites. However in the 10 years that I've been working with the platform, there isn't much I haven't sunk my teeth into! I've worked with everything from small hair salons to luxury designers to food manufacturers with large ecommerce builds.

I'm happy to take on any project big or small, nothing is too mighty!

Wordpress Maintenance Services So That You Can Concentrate On What Matters

It's important that you keep your Wordpress website well maintained, by ensuring everything is kept up to date. If you don't, this can leave your website open to attacks. It's very easy for hackers to target your website, assess any weaknesses through the code or plugin author's code and strike before the author has had an opportunity to stop the vulnerability.

It's easy enough to update your website's plugins yourself, but you may want to consider the following scenario. If you've ever worked with Wordpress before as a publisher, you may be familiar with the following experience:

You login to your Wordpress admin panel and as you click to add a new post or page you find notices jumping out at you from all angles like the following one.

Wordpress core update notice.

Have you ever wondered whether you should click that "update" button?

Safely Update Plugins While Maintaining Backups

Often you will find that you can merrily click "update" across all the notices and everything will be fine. But there are occasions for example where plugins won't be compatible with a version of Wordpress and it leads to your website breaking entirely.

I believe that keeping updates in check and maintaining backups of your site is something you should never have to worry about. I can put a Wordpress maintenance service in place that suits you so that when you arrive on the Wordpress dashboard, you're free to go about your work and not deal with potentially fatal plugin updates.

SEO Within Wordpress To Put Your Business In Front Of The Right Eyes

Although I do not claim to be an SEO specialist, I have studied the area throughout my career. Not only have I developed a deep understanding of how to make your website perform well in Search Engine Result Pages but I also have proven results.

Have You Ever Wondered Which Keyword To Focus On When Using Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO is an excellent plugin for Wordpress that will assist you in making sure your content is making use of your chosen keyword. While it also helps validate your article as you're writing.

But how do you know what your keywords should be? I will be able to help you find focus keywords for Yoast that are effective and drive traffic to the website. I can then later be on hand to give a Yoast SEO review to suggest anything I may change or improve upon.