Freelance Web Designer In Bristol And Beyond!

If you're looking for a freelance web professional who is capable of designing a beautiful website and then building it, you're in the right place.

I am very fortunate to have a fairly rare understanding for beautiful design while having the technical expertise to execute it within a web browser. I owe this largely to a background from a young age in always going down a more creative path. Later in life I brought balance to my skill set after completing a web design degree that was part design, part programming.

Over the past decade now, I have been working closely with web designs as a front-end developer on a wide range of projects from small business start ups to large e-commerce food retailers. Some of which have won awards for their stylistic flair - which I'll be happy to tell you all about.

Web Design for startups and small to medium sized businesses

I can take your small to medium sized project right now and establish your business's web presence. From there, you can expect me to be by your side growing your website when you need it as your business grows. I want to share your passion and be in it for One Mighty long haul!

Bespoke Web Design

Bespoke is the word that I have always used throughout my career and an approach that I want to ensure is carried into One Mighty. I believe that every client should be receiving something that is conceived from the originality of their own business or brand.

This means that you will only ever receive a custom website design from One Mighty.

In many cases there are web agencies that will offer extremely competitive prices for a website. However, you're likely to find that they'll be off the shelf solutions. Which means they are not being tailored to drive the same interest that a bespoke website will.

The approach

To kick a project off, I first like to have an informal chat at your convenience, this can either be over the phone, a video call or an in-person chat. I like to consider this the discovery phase, to get to know more about you and your business.

From here I can begin my research and start fleshing out some basic wireframes, as I move into the more high fidelity phase of your project, I hope to keep you engaged for regular feedback along the journey. Being able to see your project come to life is very important.

Once we are both satisfied with the design, I will then begin the build of the website itself.

At this point I will make some decisions about what technology to use, this is likely (although not definite) to include the popular CMS Wordpress. As much of my experience from the start of my career has shown as a Wordpress developer, this is the platform that has been much loved by all of the clients I have worked with.

It's user interface is easy to use for beginner and expert content creators alike. A bespoke Wordpress build follows the same philosophy as the design, which means that there will be no unnecessary features that you would get from an off the shelf build. Ensuring that your website will be at optimum speed, minimal risk of attacks and easy to build features upon in the future.

When your project is complete, I will set it off in a position so that it can perform well amongst SERP. I then hope to continue the relationship so that I can continue to serve your business through its online presence.

I can help you with web design & development for the following kinds of projects:

  • Brochure websites
  • Catalogue websites
  • Wordpress websites with unique blog designs
  • Landing pages

I have also worked on everything from small business start ups to large e-commerce food retailers. So I'll be more than happy to hear about any project you have in mind.

Bespoke Website Cost

I'm often asked "how much does a bespoke website cost?"

Unfortunately it's difficult to quote a solid cost for a bespoke website, as each project needs to be judged on it's own complexity. However this is a rough ballpark figure to consider:

  • Domain name - £10 - £20 per year.
  • Hosting - £20 - £50 per month.
  • Web design & development build - from £3,500.

Please note that this is a current approximation for my skills, experience and work output.

How important is it that "I'm Looking For A Website Designer Near Me"?

I think that like many, in this current climate being local is of little importance meaning that I can happily work with you being anywhere in the world!

Of course, I would love to meet up if you happen to be around Bristol for a chat. I'm also happy to travel anywhere in the UK at short notice or abroad with expenses covered.

I have excelled working remotely, having always found my employer to be very satisfied with this arrangement. Where I am always readily available through Zoom or Slack. In fact this makes having discussions trivial, because it means less travel, time, expense and organisation to attend a remote call.

Let's not wait another second!